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Differential Summing OpAmp Amplifier


Differential Summing OpAmp Amplifier


Blox Features

  • Standardized footprint, two types of standoffs for freestanding or mounting to a project board. Mounting holes on 1.5″ centers fit pegboard and’s Project Kits.
  • Functional layout for ease of understanding and simple layout.
  • Gain formulas printed on the PCB with a space for your own notes to be written.
  • Accessories available
    • Standoff kits
    • Resistor assortments kits 5% or 1% (on request)
    • Pin terminal wire kits are idea for interconnect
    • Can be used with solid wire or pre-bent solid wire assortments
    • Tie-Blox offer miniature versions of solderless breadboards for additional circuitry. (coming soon)
    • Standardized 3 ping power connector uses common Floppy Drive power cables,
    • Mix with other functions including power supplies, interface, keypads and other linear devices.
    • SPICE Simulation Model available.
  • Schematics
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Experiment with Op-Amps as summing/differential amplifiers.  Change the gain or use the unique capability to sum several signals without coupling them together.  As a member of the Blox product line, the resistors are changeable while maintaining good electrical conductivity and layout, no more trying to work around the restrictions of a solderless breadboard. For those looking for a more permanent electronic building block a touch of solder and the assembly is ready to be included in your next DIY project.

The Herdware system is somewhat unique in in that it is an electronic prototyping system suited to analog circuits.  Utilizing high quality machined terminal sockets the resistors may be changed and experimented with without all of the parasitics and disadvantages of a standard solderless breadboard.  When a final selection is made the resistor can then be permanently soldered eliminating long term effects of heat, vibration and other environmental factors… its the best of both worlds for prototyping and permanent installation.

As of the recent release the Differential Summing Amplifier now has a choice for the “GND” reference used when summing. The second OpAmp is used to create a 1/2 VCC reference with low impedance or else the standard VSS/GND can be selected for single supply, and also a dedicated VSS on the 3rd pin of the power connector.

This product is sold as a kit of easily solderable through-hole components and includes the power cable and standoffs.


Differential Summing Amplifier Assembly Instructions

Differential Summing Amplifier Wiring Diagram

LM358 Datasheet

 Differential Summing OpAmp Amplifier

From Wikipedia:differential summing OpAmp amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that amplifies the difference between two input voltages but suppresses any voltage common to the two inputs.[1] It is an analog circuit with two inputs  and  and one output  in which the output is ideally proportional to the difference between the two voltages:



where A is the gain of the amplifier.

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