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Herdware – About Us

Herdware is not just a typo or pun on the word hardware, it officially came into being in 1984 when the programmers at Commodore Business Machines embedded an Easter Egg in the Commodore C128 Computer being released.  Through coincidence the designer and lead engineer of the C128’s name was Herd (Bil Herd), resulting in the oppourtunity to brand this particular type of hardware as being “herdware”

herdware easter egg

Today Herdware.com is owned and operated by Bil Herd with the intention to make available educational kits and knowledge as well as custom hardware and design services.  Bil also operates the retro website C128.com for things relating to the older 8 bit technology which was the genesis of today’s home computers.

We hope you find something here that sparks your creativity or inspires an idea or a solution. We also would love to learn from you as well if you have an interesting byte or two to share with us.

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