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New Thermocouple Amplifier with NEMA Housing

The new Thermocouple Amplifier feature two Analog Outputs: 10mv/C° and 4-20ma current loop output, in a NEMA rated housing.

This is a Thermocouple Amplifier System Based on Linear Technology’s LT1025 – Micropower Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator combined with the LTC1049 – Low Power Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier with Internal Capacitors this small circuit provides a basic thermocouple amplifier. Simultaneous Analog Voltage and 4-20ma current outputs are available utilizing XTR-117 4-20mA Current-Loop Transmitter

The combination of chips produces a DC voltage signal roughly equal to 10mv per degree C and a fairly linear response due to the “bow” correction built in to the LT1025.  The scale of the 4-20ma output is set by adjusting the 10 turn potentiometer.

This unit is compatible with our standard Thermocouple Amplifier and many of our customers choose this unit for the combined housing and remote power capabilities.

Four different outputs to support six different thermocouple types (E,J,K,R,S,T).

Compatible with Standard Thermocouples

  • Type E Thermocouple
  • Type J Thermocouple
  • Type K Thermocouple
  • Type R Thermocouple
  • Type S Thermocouple
  • Type T Thermocouple

Thermocouple Amplifier with NEMA Housing and Voltage and Current outputs

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