Thermocouple Amplifiers

I just did a video for Hackaday about Thermocouple Amplifiers, a quickie video feature Linear Technology in this case.  The spares from the build for the video are available at along with a Type K Thermocouple. From the Hackaday video Thermocouple is a terrific way to measure temperature. The effects of temperature change on dissimilar metals

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Proteus CAD- Affordable and Complete

Proteus ISIS PCB Design Example

[link_popup id=’2745′ link_text=’Click to open popup’ name=’One’] I just tried LabCenter’s Proteus Schematic, PCB and Simulation CAD product after seeing the advertisement on the back of Nuts & Volts. In the spirit of Open Source Hardware I have been using another common CAD product but found that I was spending lots of time doing the

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Design, Protyping, Simulation, Analyze electronics.

Welcome to In the future we will be demonstrating some intermediate and advanced electronics.  We hope to be able to demonstrate beginning to end designs and also bring the world of Programmable Logic (FPGA, CPLD,PAL) to the DIY and Open Hardware Source enthusiasts. We also are working on some Electronics Kits that hopefully are

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