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5V USB to 12V DC/DC Step Up Converter


5V USB to 12V DC/DC Step Up Converter


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Mini USB Power Converter: 5V – 12V


  • Input voltage 3~6V, output 12V (+-5%)
  • Maximum input current : 1.2A
  • Long-term work Current : 1A
  • Conversion efficiency : 80-90%
  • Start Voltage 2.8V, Output Current 50MA


  • 5mw total power dissipation
  • INPUT 3V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 210MA
  • INPUT 3.3V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 250MA
  • INPUT 3.7V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 280MA
  • INPUT 4.5V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 340MA
  • INPUT 5V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 370MA
  • INPUT 6V 1A; OUTPUT 12V 450MA
DC-DC Boost Step Up module working frequency 1.0MHZ.

Operating ambient temperature : -40~+85 Degrees Celsius .

Size 42mm x 15mm x 5.6mm(small)
Weight : about 5.6g(light)
Comes with 20 cm Power Cable (shown)


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