Gerber File Zip Utility

Proteus ARES to OSH Park Zip Utility

Zip your ARES Gerber files for OSH Park PCB Fab

  • Click on the Browse button above and navigate to where the Gerber files are located.
  • Select all files to be zipped,  pressing <control> and clicking with the left mouse button  allows multiple files selection .
  • The files needed as a minimum are the top and bottom layers, the top and bottom soldermask, the board outline (I use mech 2 layer for this), the drills, and silkscreen.  Including 2 more layers results in a four layer board and a silkscreen may also be specified for the bottom .
  • Once completed navigate to the location for saving the zip file.
  • Click on Get Started Now at the home page of OSH Park and select the zip file you just created.  After a few moments for the program to run you should see the various layers and files, check to make sure that there are no missing or transposed files.

PCB fabrication  houses have a variety of requirements for the files needed to produce PCBs.  One company name OSH Park provides a great little service of taking PCBs submitted by their customers and combining them into a batch.  This allows the engineer/hobbyist to not have to worry about minimum orders or non-recurring engineering charges (NRE). While OSH Park does take Eagle Cad files directly they also will take Gerber files if they are packaged into a zip file with a specific naming convention for the files. While its not hard to rename and zip them it is time consuming and can be error prone. Below is a Gerber File Zip Utility that allows you to upload Gerber files as produced by LabCenter’s Proteus/ARES CAD system,  and then download the zip file ready for upload. This utility was written by Terrance Ryan, who wrote Commodore Basic version 3.5 and version 7 back in the 1980’s While I have tested it extensively using Proteus, which is my favorite “affordable” CAD for the Hobbyist wallet, whereas Altium and Orcad would be examples of good business CAD programs.