New Summing Amplifier w/ Coax Driver


AD812 FEATURES Two Video Amplifiers in One 8-Lead SOIC Package Optimized for Driving Cables in Video Systems Excellent Video Specifications (RL = 150 V): Gain Flatness 0.1 dB to 40 MHz 0.02% Differential Gain Error 0.028 Differential Phase Error 145 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth (3 dB) 1600 V/ms Slew Rate AD812 APPLICATIONS Video Line Driver

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You might notice that many of my writings start with “Back in the day”. Not wanting to disappoint I will say that back in the day we used to use wire wrap technology when we needed a somewhat solid, somewhat reliably assembly. Given a readable schematic a good tech could return a working or near-working unit in a day or two depending on the completeness and accuracy of the schematic.

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Thermocouple Amplifiers


I just did a video for Hackaday about Thermocouple Amplifiers, a quickie video feature Linear Technology in this case.  The spares from the build for the video are available at along with a Type K Thermocouple. From the Hackaday video Thermocouple is a terrific way to measure temperature. The effects of temperature change on dissimilar metals

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